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Zachary Wehner, Alex Macpherson, John Francis and Brendan Heinig

We’ve decided to change the name in order to reflect the growing team and expertise.  As of January 2017, fast ceramics is now Lupine Labs

 Alex Macpherson, Ph.D


Scientist and Chief Technology Officer

Alex works on ceramic, glass, and polymer parts and films for use in high technology applications – with a focus on surgical devices. His academic research experience was in the field of semiconductors for ultra thin film photovoltaic devices and cathode materials for solid-state Lithium-ion batteries. In addition to the materials themselves, he has a strong interest in using statistical tools to understand and improve process control. This is one area where the collection of the “right” data, and its correct analysis, can have a large tangible and quickly observable benefit.


John Francis, Ph D.

President and Engineer
Google Scholar

John is the president and co-founder of Lupine laboratories which uses fundamental understating of material science to solve manufacturing problems.  John has over 15 years of experience in materials science and mechanical engineering. John is an expert in industrial automation, robotics and machine vision.  John earned a PhD from the University of Colorado in 2013 developing a new manufacturing technique for sintering of ceramics called flash-sintering.  (FAST ceramics, or Publications).


Brendan Heinig

Senior Engineer

Brendan came to Lupine Labs in early 2016 with a background in PEM and SOFC fuel cell system development and integration.  As both an engineer and project leader, he has developed power systems for a range of government, commercial, and research applications.  His current work involves the integration of vision systems, machine learning, and advanced measurement techniques into high precision production robots.  He is passionate about building advanced tech into functional user friendly devices.